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Do you think it is possible to create a fusion reactor that actually works in as sustained way. That is, one that generates electricity for low cost for the masses?

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So, not in my lifetime.

There is halfnium if that would help towards unobtainium.

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Thanks for this answer. Brings me up to date.

As a nukedude who worked at the NTS from 1957-65 and worked with Dr. Stanley Kronenberg at Fort Monmouth NJ who once answered my question about nuclear fission for commercial electricity generation and whether we would ever harness it to that effect, his answer was NO.

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All the science gained through experiments make it all worthwhile I suppose, although I can't point to any specific discoveries yet.

Heisenberg rules.

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Do you have any evidence of Ireland violating its mandate?

Why would you stick your neck out and be noticed by those who may want to silence you rather than just lay low and take your lumps like the rest of us poor suckers?

What size cape do you wear?