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I could keep reading your AMA but it would take too long.

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Or the drawing was put on a wall, and sunlight from a window illuminated only half of the drawing every day for many years.. that could explain why the back of the paper retained some of the image while the front didn't.

Edit: maybe the backside image is visible in UV light because it is a shadow. As sunlight struck the horse drawing on the front, it could have made a shadow through the thick paper. I know this thread is closed and all, but I'm a painter like the u/ a few comments above and I am curious. How thick is the paper, is it cotton, rag, flax, rice? Papyrus? No big, I'm just curious and also maybe I recently inherited a printing press.

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Same here, $194 to $25. I was not prepared for that

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What reasons would a Medicare Advantage company (Amerigroup) have for denying me generic, inexpensive drugs (Rx are for alzheimers)?

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I'm on disability in NM, I get $25/month in food stamps. It was higher before I was declared disabled.