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The electoral college is a consciously anti-democratic measure, designed to prevent mob rule. I can see arguments in favor of elector systems, but since electors are essentially bound in their votes, nowadays, it doesn't serve its actual core function.

Given the almost absurd extent the senate is weighed to small-pop states, I think it's disingenuous to suggest that small-pop states would disproportionately lack political power in a popular vote system. As it is, many more votes are wasted because of the absurd margins in deep-blue and deep-red states than under any popular vote system.

Yes, Presidential candidates would spend more time campaigning in New York City than in Lancaster, PA. But I don't think they'd be spending less time in the Dakotas - they already pay no attention to any state within the swing margin. Conversely, they'd have to pay more attention to moderately large population areas in non-swing states. So Louisville, Nashville, and St. Louis, and their suburbs and surroundings would also get more attention.

If the argument is that the percentage of urban voters is so high that they'd swamp rural voters, that forces one to ask why rural voters having a disproportionate say in both the executive and legislative branches in inherently desirable, as this further leads to a disproportionate sway in the courts.

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If the disease becomes endemic, would your vaccine likely offer more, less, or the same protection, compared to traditional ones?

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How much voter fraud vs. votes wrongly disallowed do you expect in this election? How much have you seen of each in past elections?