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What fantasies did people enjoy the most when trying them?

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Why do you think it is imperative that we “develop an even-handed policy toward Iran and Saudi Arabia?”

Are you aware that the flag of the Houthi rebels, who overthrew the internationally recognized government of Yemen, states “Death to America. Death to Israel. A curse upon the Jews. Victory to Islam”? Why should we be neutral towards a force that has that over-arching policy and overthrew the legal government by force?

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Also, OPV is generally more effective. That's one of the main reasons it was used over IPV. The US switched from OPV to IPV because wild poliovirus was eradicated in the Western Hemisphere and therefore no longer a threat. But if we were confronted with the threat of wild poliovirus we would go back to using OPV.

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Didn't tensions, conflict, and violence exist before the occupation. The occupation (if you are referring to the West Bank) only began in 1967 after three wars between Israel and its neighbors.

Tensions, conflict and violence even predates the existence of Israel. See, e.g., 1920 Riots, 1929 Riots, 1936-39 Riots.

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I was confused by the claims that Representative Omar's comments were anti-Semitic. AIPAC is literally the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. They openly make political donations in the hopes of influencing American politicians to be favorable toward the current government of Israel - as is their right. Why is it anti-Semitic to note that influence?

This is actually false. AIPAC hires lobbyists, but does not make political donations. JStreet, which is in many ways ideologically opposed to AIPAC does.

Omar falsely claimed that Congress supports Israel because of money from AIPAC. This blatantly piggybacks on antisemitic tropes of Jews secretly controlling everything (or at least everything one doesn’t like) with money.

In fact, most members of Congress support Israel because most Americans do