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Luc, I haven't seen all of your work (I plan to watch Leon and Nikita soon), but I adore the Fifth Element and admire some qualities about Valerian (I think it could've been a lot better, though).

I have a few questions about Valerian, if you don't mind:

1) What inspired the Big Market scene, and the opening with Alpha's construction? Those were my favorite parts of the film, aside from Bubble's dance :)

2) What did Jean-Claude Mézières and Pierre Christin think of the film? Do you know?

3) Alexandre Desplat gave the film a fantastic score. Was he your first choice, and how did you get him involved with the project?

BoomClank252 karma

An X-ray machine? That's an interesting way of putting Big Market together, I didn't think of that...

I always thought it was the rise of Virtual Reality, since the characters required gloves and a helmet to interact with their alternate dimension(s). In a way, literally immersing yourself into a new world.