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We were working in digital media (with a lot of influencers) and were frustrated with the major platforms' focus on ephemeral and click-bait content. We knew how much amazing content, knowledge and creativity was out there that got no attention because it didn't fit into an algorithm, and that the best content came from experts or people we trusted. We wanted to build a home where people could share and organize the most valuable content and not have it relegated to a fleeting feed.

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  1. Art
  2. Auto & Vehicles
  3. Beauty
  4. Books
  5. Business
  6. Comedy
  7. Culture & People
  8. Design
  9. Education & Knowledge
  10. Entertainment
  11. Entrepreneurship
  12. Events
  13. Fashion
  14. Food & Beverage
  15. Gaming
  16. General
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  18. History
  19. Marketing & Advertising
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The platform is open to anyone! Our users post content around what they're passionate about. The community of Experts continues to grow because Bookshlf allows them to share knowledge and expertise through the content they're consuming, and focus on what's uniquely valuable (not what is in the headlines)

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We've had a number of unique experts, niche is definitely something we do well. One category that stands out is science because a lot of the thought leaders in the space had an incredible amount of knowledge and expertise, but traditional social media didn't allow them to efficiently share that with their audience. Instagram is not where you go to learn about astrophysics, but there's some incredible content available if you know where to look. Check out Kellie Gerardi and Cara Santa Maria who curate some incredible content on the topic.

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it fell off the shelf