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Why wasn't Stalin assassinated?

What do you think of the Russian War effort in WW2

What do you think of Putin and his role in Syria?

What is a good book that provided a fair analysis of Communist Russia

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I have a friend whose father was killed in a motorcycle accident. My friend blames himself "BECAUSE HE DIDN'T TALK TO HIS FATHER AS HE LEFT THE HOUSE." My friend believes that those 30 seconds of conversation would have saved his dad's life.

Just exactly like him...YOU ARE NOT TO BLAME!

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What is your greatest fear concerning your work?

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My 7 year old grandson was on the playground and kissed his 7 year old girlfriend on the cheek. He was pullled into an office with the school counselor, principal and both sets of parents "to deal with the problem."

The next day he was telling me this, as "about the worst day of his life." I put my arms around him and gently said, "Evan, the folks at your school that did this....ARE REALLY REALLY FUCKED UP! Then we went out for ice cream.

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Where does all the profits from drugs end up. We are talking billions.

How can the Cartels manage this huge amount of cash without "cooperation." from legit institutions.

It seems to me that drugs are in every single town /city in the US. How does anyone move this quantity of drugs?