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Agreed. It's a sick behavior. The perpetrators need help too. Making them one dimensional can be troublesome. But the understanding may not be appropriate from the abused still in the relationship, as it can just perpetuate the cycle. Coming from a non professional with first hand experience.

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I don't know...when there's a threat of death if the person is found out, even if it's a very slight chance they are, I think it's acceptable to not mention the specific countries.

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It's hard to let go of old patterns, whether it's action or thought. I've found individual and group therapy to be helpful for myself. Also, I'm not the best at this yet.... But trying to not beat myself up for " not being better yet" or "still letting it effect me". It's always a work in progress. It's wonderful you have someone now who is so supportive. :)

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I know what you meant....but "beard causes sterility issues" has me laughing so hard right now.

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I think it makes sense to treat both.