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Actually, Universal talked about wanting to remake The Host a while ago. And I am fine with it either way, if the remake comes out successful I can take credit for being the original creator and writer. And if it comes out terrible, well people will say the first one is better. So I am fine with it either way.

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Just the idea of whether it be a comedy or a thriller or a sad film, to maintain one tone throughout is very hard to accomplish and feels MORE artificial. I think that in life, comedy and drama and terrifying moments are all mixed together, don't you agree? That's how life is, so it's not like I deliberately or consciously calculates these types of contrasts, it happens naturally. And it's more challenging to do a scene or movie in one tone. Like with very serious moments in life, if you take one step back, it could be very funny if you look at it with a cynical point of view, or very very happy moments in life, you take a few steps back and it could be very sad. It's really all about distance, how far away you are can change the way you see it drastically.

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Actually, it was made out of a combination of sugar and seaweed, the results were not a very tasty one, to create that jelly-like feeling we had to use this combination. And the actors, Chris and Octavia and Tilda, had to actually eat them on-set, they were edible but tasted terrible. Have you ever been to Japan or Korea? they have a tasty dessert called Yanggaeng that is a tasty dessert, so when the audiences in those countries saw the protein block they had a very different reaction.

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So she had new ideas every second, and from a director's point of view, she had even more ideas than me, and I was busy picking up the fruits that were left behind by her. You will see in the film, she has a very unique look, and her transformation is so extreme you can barely tell that is her, and most of that was Tilda's idea. And at one point, I had to bring it back a little bit.

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There was the test of a different version and we tried different things with the editing, but the Weinstein company decided to release the director's cut, and we have released the same version everywhere. And in the 27th, this Friday it will be in theaters as the director's cut, and I am very happy and I hope you all enjoy it. Just because it's a director's cut does not mean the movie is very long. If you take out the credits it is 1 hour and 59 minutes. I heard the new Transformers movie is 2 hours and 45 minutes long.