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Is their anything else I should be worried about?

YES. Your identity has been stolen. You're lucky it was just a bank account. Tomorrow it could be a $50,000 loan. Get your SSN locked down man.

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Hans Moleman presents: Man getting hit by nuke.

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Why the decision to make Max Payne 2 have two different endings based on difficulty. Is Mona surviving the "real" ending?

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Whitey Bulger's brother, Billy Bulger was President of the Massachusetts State House of Representatives. Half the State Troopers that tried to investigate Whitey Bulger found their jobs cut by riders in the state budget.

For the Federal audits. The Bulger family had 2 corrupt FBI agents in their pocket for over a decade.

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One TIE Fighter from Alpha, Beta and Gamma squadrons will be on patrol around Outpost D-34.