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Have you met their creators?

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That mental image of you tossing out a Groovitron and sending the bullies into a dance fest.

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As a newcomer to the Tomb Raider series who yet isn't unfamiliar with Lara Croft as a gaming icon, I think you guys have done a fantastic job in refreshing the franchise and the character while keeping her true to her iconic roots. Thank you, Crystal!

My question is: why does Lara's in-game model look so different from what is seen of her in promotional artwork and the Turning Point trailer? In particular, this picture that was tweeted depicts a Lara that in my eyes more closely resembles the in-game Lara, whom I perceive as young, innocent and plain, as compared to Lara in the trailer who more closely resembles spunky, busty Lara from the older games, at least in terms of facial features.

Personally I very much prefer Lara as seen in-game, and considering the direction in which were aiming to take this reboot I feel that you did a great job with her final new look :) But I'm just curious to know why there's such a noticeable difference in how she looks in-game as compared to other official media.

Thanks again for such a great game. Can't wait for the sequel! I know you guys are hard at work on one already :)

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What do I need to know or who can I ask for advice if I want to build a mini Ratchet & Clank fan site? My personal site wasn't originally going to be one, but I figured since its domain name inadvertently ended up sounding like the name of a planet in the Solana Galaxy, I wanted to make sure I wasn't actually infringing on any trademarks and such if I do turn part of it into a little personal R&C dedication - I do tend to get incredibly paranoid about that stuff!

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I'm late to your AMA, but I do have a question that's stumped me for the longest time, and seeing as you have first-hand experience I thought I'd ask: is there any difference between "loss of muscle control/function" as in your description of cataplexy, and "loss of muscle tone" which is the term I see commonly used elsewhere?

I've kind of imagined loss of muscle tone to be something like a sudden feeling of limpness in your body or limbs that causes you to e.g. lose your balance and collapse or give way (which happens to me when I run in bursts), but I'm not sure if that's a good or accurate description at all seeing as I'm not cataplectic myself; I just happen to be weak in general and emotional episodes don't adversely affect me physically. I do have Asperger's though, not that that'd be entirely relevant here :)

EDIT: I just read through some of the other comments and you mentioned here that you feel as if your limbs get filled up with lead during a cataplectic attack. I realize these things vary by individual, but is it different, or similar?