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That's a well thought-out response, thanks.

I mean when it comes to development I have only a basic understanding of the developer's side of gaming. I've messed with Unreal Engine 4's devkit basically creating a few buildings and caves, but nothing more than that. I've also messed around with Blender on a friend's computer after seeing his renders.

I've been going to school to get my general studies out of the way and figured I could figure out what my interests are while studying anyway. It's only recently that I even thought seriously about learning to become a developer.

I do agree that what you bring intellectually is more important than what you bring with just intelligence. I'll need to learn a lot about the systems and software to know what I'm talking about, but I will need more than just that. More self-reflection/development and dedicated study seems to be ahead but at least some things are more in focus.

Thanks for the advice and the questions, I'll have to really think about what specifically I want to bring to the table if I'm working with others in a studio, and how to get myself to where I can get the attention of those studios.

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Hi Felix, pretty cool situation you have yourself in. I've been going to my community college for a couple years getting through my generals while trying to figure out what I want to do afterwards. An idea I've had recently is to incorporate psychology and video games in to my major and minor so that I could become a psychological consultant (or something) for game development. I don't even know if that is a possibility, I'm interested in both psychology and game development and that's just an idea I had to use both interests. I'm not even sure if this is something I should ask you, I'm on a break at work skimming reddit and saw this.

Would I be better off finding a specific University to get a game development degree from or would my community college classes and degree be just as valid to a development studio if I were to apply after graduating?