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This is hilarious. Of all the WTF moments I could imagine in your line of work, it’s something this mundane.

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Doctors here. You’re right. None of us know. The immune system is insanely complex. The gut microbiome is insanely complex. The interaction is insanely complex. Add in old fashioned human aviation to the mix.

What OP and other researchers are figuring out is a more refined answer to things people have known for centuries.

Eat your veggies.


“Human variation”

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Oh shit. Lol. Human variation. Autocorrect is sniffing glue today.

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Because people keep forgetting that we know more about this topic than pretty much anyone else you can imagine. Seriously, between a bachelors, a PhD, an MD, an intern year, a residency, and, 9 years of practice, I know a lot about human health.

I don’t have all the answers though.

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Are there belief systems regarding magical properties associated with albinism in South East Asia that endanger your life?