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This is hilarious. Of all the WTF moments I could imagine in your line of work, it’s something this mundane.

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Doctors here. You’re right. None of us know. The immune system is insanely complex. The gut microbiome is insanely complex. The interaction is insanely complex. Add in old fashioned human aviation to the mix.

What OP and other researchers are figuring out is a more refined answer to things people have known for centuries.

Eat your veggies.


“Human variation”

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Where did you find the market for your asparagus?

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Oh shit. Lol. Human variation. Autocorrect is sniffing glue today.

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Good for you. I grew up in Western KY and left in 97. Hearing about folks coming up with creative solutions to make a living farming makes me happy.

You’ve got a big hill to climb politically back there, but they voted out Bevin. Good luck.