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Fighting the good fight! What do you think of the efforts to create an satellite internet? Will this open up an alternative if we cannot stop regulations in the US?

(check http://www.reddit.com/r/globalinternet if you want to track the progress of these internet satellite providers).

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Hi, Thanks for doing this. What was the hardest moment in your startup life? How did you preservere?

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Do you look into energy efficiency of do your just follow a route? For example going faster when there are no waves and slowing down when there is a lot of wind (similar to this http://www.adrenaship.com/news-media/news/66-energy-efficiency-routing-adrena-launches-into-a-new-adventure.html)

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Thanks for doing this. Was in Istanbul last year, nice city. Is there software that could take the business to the next level (for example inventory management)?

Bohr_research1 karma

Good sir, I have a lot of respect for you. Can you talk about the medical staff? I never get how people like that kind of job because you have to handle complex and personal situations every day.