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American healthcare system is fucked. What a waste of everyone's time and money.

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I've seen this posted elsewhere. It's a big reason why the US healthcare system will not change significantly.

"Health care and pharmaceutical companies are some of the highest earning industries in the us, right along with universities. We are being marketed things that normally would indicate a better quality of life, but are being charged extortionate rates for them while the quality of service and number of opportunities go down.

Basically, it has become a billion dollar industry that many wealthy people have come to rely on as income or investment. The thought of losing that scares some powerful wealth junkies, and wealth junkies just like any other junky will do fucked up stuff when their supply is threatened. So they invest in measures that will prevent affordable care, or in loud politicians who will openly and persuasively hate it for a check."

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Lol, complete bollocks. There are plenty of security consultancies who are paid huge sums to protect journalists in unstable countries.

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Hi, is the place he grew up in now in belarus or ukraine?

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