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In Japanese circuses there is almost always a bicycle acrobatic act. Is it the same in China?

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When my Dad was getting his education as a psychologist, the predominant notion in abnormal psychology was that criminal aberration was almost all caused by environment, especially during childhood development, and little of it was inherited . A friend who's a psychologist at a local prison recently told me he thought it was about 60% inherited and 40% environmental. What do you think?

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The hubris was a reminder that Kingdom is the first word in the title of the country. It's not as though a king or a prince could be put in jail for ordering the execution of a subject, like he would be if he was a president or prime minister. The Saudi royals have had so much trouble with their story because they've never had to explain themselves before, and so they are not very good at it. In the normal course of things within Saudi Arabia there would be no need for them to plan this carefully, come up with a plausible scenario for it not being their work. Who would question them?

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How many religions can you accommodate? There are funeral homes that specialize, say in orthodox Jewish funerals, but are you supposed to be able to handle anyone who calls you?

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Does the comet rotate, and , judging by it's projected path, what are the odds that you'll eventually have the photovoltaic panel pointed at the sun?

Many thanks, for taking this mission as far as it has gone!