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Fair point.

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Internal polling don't amount to much. I live in California, and I remember reading that Cox's internal polling which pitted him against Newsom put him ahead. Come 2018, when there was an actual race, it turns out that he lost by a landslide.

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Trump's internal polling is also wrong then, because he received less vote than Hillary did. If you are talking about swing states, then it would still be wrong because he won by relatively thin margins.

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Howard Schultz, as we now know, has almost no support at all from anyone. His decision to run seems to be more or less a vanity project of some kind, and if Trump at least have a base of racist old white dipshits, Schultz has no base from anyone. Do you think it is fair to accuse him of potentially splitting the vote when it doesn't seem like there will be anyone willing to vote for him?