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BlueSwayedBooze101 karma

The No Name brand episode resonated a lot with my Canadian compatriots.

Is there any other Canadiana you'd like to tackle?

(also thanks for the book. I just bought a second copy for my brother who LOVED that no name episode)

BlueSwayedBooze33 karma

Sweet, thanks Roman.

(pssst tell Chris to do the Robertson Screwdriver)

BlueSwayedBooze23 karma

Ooh that one was great. Thanks for the reminder! Trash pandas for life.

BlueSwayedBooze23 karma

Just tell him "it's hip to be a square" with a lil' screwdriving motion. He'll know.

BlueSwayedBooze16 karma

As the Nature of Things documentary called Raccoon Nation is now unavailable, this episode can be seen as the premiere documentary on Toronto raykins