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Not really a question, but I live in Saigon and am constantly amazed by how often I see old US war stuff repurposed. The Jeeps you guys left? Still driving. The ammo boxes? Storage containers in every dudes garage. The tubes that rockets came in? Mufflers. M16s? Now tourists pay to fire them.

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I enjoy pointing out that Ho Chi Minh lived in New York and Boston, that seems to confuse people.

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Would you be interested in coming back to see how things are now? I've met a few American and Australian vets that came to visit, they were amazed.

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There's still a deep distrust of the North down here in the South. Many people I've met in Saigon (they refuse to call it "Ho Chi Minh City") wish the US stuck it out a bit longer and stopped the communists taking over and have no problem saying so (even though it could get you into serious legal trouble)

Disclaimer: I am not 'Murican.