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"without bias".... and this kids, is why an education in the humanities is important despite what 12 year olds, the right wing and Margaret Thatcher will tell you.

I implore you to educate yourself on the most basic level in topics such as philosophy and history.

You will find countless examples of great Historians, Philosophers, Generals, Kings and Emperors whom all understood the same thing: There is only bias, and the winner gets to choose which bias becomes history. Its part of the restrictions of having a brain and eyes, that even with the internet and video camera, we always bring a host of assumptions and pre conceived ideas about the supposed "reality" we are seeing.

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Sam already addressed this in another comment, but a lot of "legitimate" journalism is speculative.

As far as I know the Economist or WSJ haven't cracked the secrets to space-time travel, yet they happily speculate on what the future economic landscapes will look like after a new policy/trend is introduced.

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Its nearly as if you didn't read the paragraph that follows.