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This is truer than true.

Had many shepherds pies in many countries but nothing compares to an Irish restaurant/pub pie, which in turn is bettered by an Irish Mammys shepherds pie which is the pinnacle of shepherds pie!

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May I just say, that was truly a masterpiece. You captured it so well.

I had no idea it was coming and sitting in the cinema it was a beautiful thing to watch and experience for the first time with other fans and I hear it on Spotify almost daily. I'm sure you're very proud of your performance but as I'm sure you know, us Metallica fans hold that song very close to our hearts, much like you do, and you did Cliff, Ray and Metallica so very proud.

It's something that will live forever in the Metallica community so thank you very much for your contribution, you can be happy knowing millions around the world hold your piece very dear!

Thank you again, I wish you nothing but peace and happiness!

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Edit: I searched YouTube and the top comment was:

"This is absolutely a highlight. I'll buy the DVD just for this. That dude is going down in history. Bass up!"

I wholeheartedly agree!

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No. Fucking. Way.


That must've been so cool for the fan but that's like once in a lifetime stuff for you! I can only imagine his face when it dawned on him, especially the longer your performance went on.

Needless to say, I'm sure the resounding cheer and applause at the the end must've been a great vindication.

And I can't leave without mentioning your structure of how you went composing it. From slow to full tempo to teasing us and then releasing those beautiful high notes towards the end, sorry for getting all fanboy on you but that's how good it was and how much it means to so many people!