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Let's rotate the board!

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Hi Keiko! Thanks for doing this AMA.

I read that you were significantly older than Lane when you were playing her (you were 27? she was supposed to be 16). What were the challenges and/or advantages to playing a character so much younger than yourself?

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I'm afraid that my cats are getting too fat, so I've tried to reduce their feedings in both frequency and quantity, but they've started acting out when they want food (basically anytime I'm home, regardless of the proximity to the actual regular feeding time). They will bite me or my SO on the back of the head or knock things down when they want food. How do I get them to stop behaving this way so I will stop giving into their wishes when I know it's bad for them to be eating so often?

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Your delivery of the joke about designing the sandwich bag was perfect.

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I've been trying to find a therapist, but due to rona and everything, everyone I've reached out to is completely booked and not taking new clients. Any advice other than "keep emailing until wfind someone with an opening"?

You mentioned teleheath, what is your opinion of the apps like BetterHelp that are online-only?