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I discovered the band The Mountain Goats through the show Morel Orel... How did they become such a big part of the show? Edit: I would just like to add for all you mountain goats fans, mark maron does a crazy awesome interview with john darnielle on his podcast.

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Are loot box revenues accounted for, or expected, when budgeting to build a game? As in, if they didn't plan on having them would they adjust the cost of the game up front?

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Hey Eddy Olmos! Loved Battlestar, but even loved it more when you did the Portlandia skit about it. Can you tell us about your experience on Portlandia? Thanks!

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Be careful what you wish for, 3.

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Hi and thanks. Every time I check in I ask politely and half jokingly if there is a suite I can get upgraded to for free... any tips on making this happen? One receptionist told me she would if one was open, since then I always ask..just in case.