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What is your opinion on using medication to treat anxiety? Recently I have been experiencing higher anxiety and my doctor wants to prescribe Effexor.

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This reminds me of the sad news story of Satao, one of the most iconic elephants in Africa. A sidebar to the story - he had huge tusks but was very shy and didn't like to to expose them (many thought this was because the elephant was aware that humans were dangerous) - so very sad that this majestic creature could not stand proud! The reason it was a news story is because poachers killed him and hacked off his great tusks. You are doing fine work Mr Ming!

link to story

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Never mind the film industry...this is just great advice!

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Hi Drea! Big fan, keep doing what you do! My sopranos question: How much advance notice did you get that your character Adriana would be killed off the show? And what was your reaction? Thanks!

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Hi Sarah - best way to carve a turkey?