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What are some of the biggest factors in suicide do you think, and this one is important to me personally, what do you think directionless young adults should do to get over the existentialism of not feeling that could ever succeed in more traditional careers? (Me personally, I’m 18, and the only path I see going forward is to become a writer, or join the military, which the outlook on me doing is not good)

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Alright, so I gotta ask, who were the heart attacks?

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Goddamn that must be one hell of a resume! badumtiss

Although yeah, people with heart conditions really shouldn’t be at these types of places.

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My Great Grandfather was a WWII vet, and he died when I was young, so I never got to ask him the things I wanted to.

So, I must ask first and foremost, as a survivor, was there a German soldier you thought could’ve been a comrade, even a dear friend under different circumstances?

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I’m American, and I think that is, like you said, uniquely part of the problem. Because I have Aspergers, and may/may not have a seizure disorder (I haven’t had a single seizure for a number of months now), that’s the whole issue. My reasons for wanting to join the Army, came from a place of compassion and wanting to serve my country, and also that just seemed cool. Especially because of all the amazing benefits that I’d have once I got back from my service.

Now it’s literally I’m so directionless and hopeless I’d give my life for a few centimeters of land 2000 miles away and do so with a smile on my face.