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Why don’t people differentiate between legal immigrants and illegal immigrants when talking about these issues? It’s kind of an important point and it seems to get brushed over a lot. I haven’t met a single person who doesn’t believe that legal immigrants should be welcomed here.

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There are always gonna be stupid people. And there are no shortage of people ready to talk shit on the internet but wouldn’t have the balls to say it in person. I wouldn’t take it too personally. The point is, there is no legislation suggested that would take rights away from legal immigrants. People are conflating illegal aliens with legal immigrants in order to paint all people who believe in strong border enforcement as racists. When in reality the majority of people who believe in border protection see it as a numbers game, not a race issue.

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I’ve always heard positive things about immigrants coming to America for a better life. The only negatives I can think of would be lack of assimilation. I’m curious what makes you say the president wants to cut legal immigration. Is there any legislation or particular bill being purposed? If there is I would like to read it. Might help me gain a new perspective. Personally I’m libertarian on immigration. I think it should be easy to come and go for work as long as non citizens or there families aren’t leaching from US social programs.

PS. I can’t believe we are having a civil discussion on reddit! Lol

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