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This was one thing I was going to ask.

I'm getting a headache just thinking about phase issues inside that sort of space. Dr Cox has done you a real solid having that IR available.

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Thanks for your answers mate. 👍

You seem to be making ground on your M.Arts, and those small hurdles, like gaining access to such a space, will most likely be the hardest ones to cover.

You got lucky with the tank clean, and that explains no monitoring etc, I hope all your gear comes out functional for you.

As for incredible tracking, I bet that was a real experience. I've been in some underground spaces, fuel/oil tanks, power station boilers, a missile silo, and other large spaces, and everytime I've requested permission to record the most basic of instruments I've always been told no due to liability issues.

I have however played a D# harp (harmonica, total amateur) and another guy smuggled in his ukulele inside the Eraring #5 unit boiler, it was a real experience to say the least. Having so much air, with really hard, bright reflective surfaces in the main space was cool, but in the top vestibules that ukulele sounded totally dream like, top that with a pacific islander crooning, yeah it was pretty special. And my old Boss field recorder just didn't have what it needed to make it worthy of being called special...

I rarely Reddit, more so with AMA, but your one is pretty cool man. Good luck, I'll sub your YT, and Insta. I'm looking forward to hearing what you can deliver once that grind in post is done.

One final question if I'm allowed. Are you doing your mixdown and mastering? If not, spruik your mix engineer, and the magic eared mastering guy or girl.

🤙 ✌ 👏 🔥

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Thanks for the answers.

You covered two other things that I was going to ask next, namely dynamics and how long certain wavelengths persist before being lost in the noise.

Your rig is what I would have chosen as well. I was having sweats thinking about dragging rack mounted hardware into that place. Oh, what's that, oil sludge on the Ensemble/Focusrite/Neve Pre? Just wipe it off hahaha.

As for the identity thing, that is an Interesting point. Having the somewhat enviable ability to actually use that space to track in would present some hard decisions to make when it comes to adding FX pre or post signal I would imagine.

How much time have you been given to complete your project?

Has your planned work flow been a winner, or has there been unexpected things arise that you didn't expect?

Aside from a stint as a live engineer I also do a lot of vessel work as a scaffy/rigger, and have done refinery and rig work. Oil sucks. Have you managed to get rid of the stink, or is it still embedded in your skin? I noticed in your video there were just the two of you, did you have to pay for your own Conf Space sentries and atmosphere testers or did the site management provide them for you?

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What sort of rig are you using to track with?

What configurations are your mics set up in, and what types of mics are you using (polar pattern info too if possible)

Do you think you'll have phase issues with certain instruments?

Have you tried to effect any type of emulated reverb over the top of the natural reverb in post recording? I'm wondering how a very wet plate reverb tone would sound both generated inside the space, and in a DAW.

Have you managed to create any pitch oscillations that have created feedback loops that made you concerned for your hearing 😄

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So many questions.

I missed the AMA.

Well done.