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Holy shit, I actually had no idea the first Saw made that much money. I knew they were big but DAMN that's a payday

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You guys are really getting the most out of that gif

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LMAAAOOOO this AMA rocks

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So, a lot of your responses are getting flak (unjustly, they are honest responses, and that's all you need in an AMA) in which you talk about a strong dislike for tube sites and pornography piracy. You rely on the payment you get from pornography, as a professional, to sustain yourself, which is the root of your problem with piracy, right?

However, somebody did make an observation in complete truth in one of those threads, and that was that

It's 99.9% due to tube sites that anyone knows who you are

Tube sites are INCREDIBLE, INCREDIBLE exposure--the kind that would cost enormous amounts of money in any other profession. Have you ever considered that embracing the uncontrollable nature of online content might be more profitable to you than opposition to it?

Sorry if any of this sounded combative, I love your work! I am honestly just trying to get you to consider the alternative in case there is financial or personal benefit in it for you.

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yours are the sweetest eyes--IIIII've ever seen!