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I have signed my health decisions over to my parents for when I cannot make them myself and I trust them, I have spoken to them about my wishes and I know they will not let me suffer. I don't know legally what the options are in England but I should probably look into that so I'm grateful you have brought this to my attention, thank you.

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I had been getting headaches for a while, my eye started to swell up and I had double and blurred vision. I said at the time it felt like my eye was pushed forwards and it turned out it was. I have put a few pictures on my Facebook to raise awareness.

I'm hoping I can have some coloured eyes made up, match my eye to my outfit!

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That would be nice.

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Aye, I can half see ...

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I'm not afraid and do feel at peace. I always thought I would be scared but I've taken care of any legal matters that needed sorting, I've brought gifts and mementos for my family, friends and children, I've taken lots of photos and put them into albums and generally just organised everything I feel needs organising.

So many people don't get the opportunity to prepare for death, especially at my age, so having this time and warning is a huge relief. I have been able to speak to my parents and friends about my wishes after I pass and I have my will all sorted too.

I would love to take my children away somewhere, have a big 'pre wake' party and maybe have a professional picture shoot but it depends on time and restrictions due to coronavirus so for now I'm not sure if I have anything I desperately want to do, I am just waiting to see what happens with my health and the lockdown situation.