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Blergblum2 karma

Hi Alex! I'm a spanish writer and the market here both for movies and books is currently so down I can't imagine landing any of my stories to anywhere... how do you deal with the stories you have already written but you know for sure there never gona be on production? and how much time do you fight for a script or a novel before forgetting about it and moving to the next one? Thanks, love your work since I gaze "The Beach" (first) in spanish in my gf library.

Blergblum1 karma

With the film market of my territory going through hard times I imagine I have no choice but to get used to it, I'm afraid. Besides SF writers are usually ignored here too even in good times for the industry. I think of ways to convert the stories to other media, like a script becoming a novel, specially with the ones I like the most, but it's not always possible... :(( Thanks for the answer!