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First off, congrats on graduating. Since you're in the position, have you ever had any ideas on what would help you be more mobile, like, I know it sounds stupid, but a reinforced frame or something that will help you. Damn I feel stupid cause all I keep seeing is an Iron Man suit that takes the weight off of you and puts it on the suit. I don't know. But have you came up with any ideas that will help?

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Were there any other signs besides something on the inside. No growths or weird abscesses? I'm glad you made it out. Oh, and I just got my permanent residence in Canada yesterday.

EDIT: About proof... I don't know of any man that would claim to have this happen just to do an AMA.

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I read your first AMA and was thoroughly impressed! Made me a fan of yours. What ideals about Islam do you feel are being outdated and need to be rethought about and changed. I know Islam is a powerful religion and its followers are the most loyal amongst all religions, but there has to be a few doctrines in the Hadith that make you go, "...this is getting old."

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Thank you so much for your response. I meant to say that I know the tradition in Orthodox Islam does prohibit the killing of innocent people. I meant no disrespect in assuming terrorism is the main goal of its followers. My question was more in the spectrum of women's rights and how some of the old ways, in all religions, not just Islam, may need to be reevaluated for modern times and like you said, corresponding to international laws. Thank you again for responding!