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Agree. ATL is one of the best airports in the world. Easy to navigate, plenty to do.

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Correlation does not equal causation. The number of people we imprison for small infractions has increased exponentially, too. Additionally, "control" doesn't necessarily mean fewer guns. In many places we put more onus on someone trying to get a driver's or barber's license than we do on guns.

Finally, if we're looking at correlations, the states with tighter gun control laws have lower violent crime rates. Causation? Not necessarily...but it uses the same logic as your question.

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This really isn't true. These are the doctors that were willing to become ex-pats. Just because a person with a highly compensated career chooses to stay in their location doesn't mean they aren't world class.

Some people are motivated by things like family and tradition. Not everyone is motivated by money.

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Absolutely zero sense of corporate responsibility with these companies. Peak corporatism.

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Are any countries close to banning plastics? That seems to be the answer.