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The smallest thing you can do is get educated. I am no professional of anything (maybe redditing), but I would say a lot of the funk we [America, and the world] are in is because there is a lot of ignorance.

We learn and understand that elephant ivory has no medicinal purposes and we save them from extinction.

Government in the Congo and I think Thailand (it could be Laos, i think, I have forgotten) are now starting programs educating the masses on Rhino horn.

Racism, homophobia, etc. are cured by the masses being educated more. We'll solve our space problem by getting people educated, thus enlightened, thus understanding, thus more accepting. Then the people of Earth live happily ever after.

TL;DR I just want us to live long enough to have One-eyed, purple haired captains, talking beer consuming robots, lobster clawed doctors to be around, and to be younger than my great-great-great-nephew.

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How easy is it for you to retain knowledge? Do you forget a lot?

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It just takes a long time for one of them to be ready for space :(