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Here goes nothing.

Me in high/middle school was me being a moody pastors kid that got moved around constantly because the Methodist church doesn't think it's a good idea for a church to get too attached to one pastor. I would go to a new school and take about a year to make new friend. As a result I became very introspective and loved anything emotional and cathartic. The Mountain Goats and Moral Orel where big parts of my moody teenage years. I started listening to the mountain goats and then heard about moral orel from my sister. Both those things were just so amazing to me. I don't want to get too sappy or whatever but their is something about your show and the mountain goats I can't explain (I'm bad with words so that might be it.)

So thanks for helping me think my way through religion in way that wasn't what my parents preached from the pulpit. Also question since this is what this is for: I know that John Darniel had a pretty rough life that definitely encouraged his music. Did profound life events influence you to create a show like moral Orel where the show is so introspective and investigates so thoroughly religion, morals, and it's effect on a town?

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