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Andy! It's cool to hear from you. I'm considering legal action but I'm more concerned with getting the policy changed and i'm not sure the justice system is on my side about this one.

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AWESOME! Troop 12 was always one of my favorites too! you guys rock! thanks for rebuilding that bridge :)

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Not at all. I was kicked out abruptly. I feel by doing news reports etc that I have really drawn a line in the sand and will not be welcome back until the council repeals it's anti-gay policy, which is what we are working towards. Every staff member at the camp Winton still supports me, but the Golden Empire Council and upper scouting executives do not

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Thanks a lot the amount of support I am getting is really shocking

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The nail polish thing was a goofy camp tradition. The thing with camp is that things are really quirky and the staff members are really enthusiastic and off the wall. It creates an environment that lets the kids break out of their shells. I had started wearing nail polish when started teaching the painting merit badge 4 years ago. It became provocative when we were threatened that our paychecks would be withheld if we had nail polish. once that happened, lots of other staff members decided to wear nail polish in solidarity.