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Looking for professional advice here:

I'm a young chef working at a very nice fine dining restaurant located in a hotel and have been for about 3 years. This was my first job out of culinary school and I've enjoyed a large majority of my stay. I have learned countless things under the chefs who have been willing to teach and lead me.

Currently though the hotel was bought out by a different management company who seems devoted to eliminating the independent feel of the restaurant and implementing a very corporate structure. I can't help but feel this will dampen my creative drive and overall motivation to produce high quality cuisine. In your experiences, is it best to cut the cord and start fresh or adapt to the new environment?

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OPSEC is crucial

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Huge fan since I was a kid, I've just got one question.

Which team would you love to play for next year, and why is it the Indiana Pacers?

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How much do you attribute your success to orange soda? Not that you developed a successful catch phrase or anything... but from the magical powers you likely imbued from drinking such huge amounts of it?