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Hi Andy,

When I graduated college, I was unemployed and the only health insurance my family could afford was Obamacare. My chemotherapy was denied for 2 months and when it was finally approved, they sent me an invoice for $16,000!! I was forced to buy my pills direct from the manufacturer for $100/month which was okay.

Although the ACA has done well for some, what explains the huge discrepancies from what was promised to actual coverage and deductibles?

Edit: To clarify, I take a specialty oral chemotherapy that was not covered under the Obamacare plan I selected. Besides the confusion of the website, applying with pre-existing conditions offered its own challenges. This was not a deductible issue, this was a coverage issue. The insurance voided the invoice and I was able to pay direct to the manufacture from then on. Manufactures won't let you die if you can't afford their meds, but you have to apply for a patient assistance program. Got a corporate job, PPO, troubles disappeared.

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Does intervention by the Federal Reserve affect the stock market?

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Do you think that the Federal Reserve deserves more attention, seeing that it is a private organization with government appointed employees? Have you read the book about the secret meeting in 1910 that established the Federal Reserve? Do you think the FR manipulates the currency by fluctuating interest rates?