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I notice you mention "the next" host and "the next" mad. Maybe it's just the English teacher in me overanalyzing word choice, but are you thinking of MST3K now kind of like Dr. Who, where every few years you can revamp it with new people involved?

Correlating question: I guess what I'm really getting at is, are you a Timelord?

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Forgive me if this is a silly question, but what do you mean by saying our "even more vulnerable VHS film history"?

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That and the fact that the SOL was clearly bigger on the inside. How else could you have stored all the props and inventions?

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Stupid happy that you guys are coming back, Joel. My question is, are there any movies you wanted to do back in the old days that you couldn't get for some reason? And if so, will you be trying to get them for the new episodes?