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Growler means vagina in Dublin slang.

Hi Gar, hope to get a few games in when you re-open.

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What if his answer is... the moon.

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Have you contacted the police?

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As an Irish barrister, hello from across the Irish sea. Does the old rule that solicitors are not required to pay barristers still apply in the UK?

How much experience does it take to prosecute cases in the UK? In Ireland it is a minimum of 4 years- in practise much more before you are on the DPP panel. I Heard something about a project where barristers become regular employees of the state practising purely in prosecution. The prospect of a regular wage and holidays etc is pretty tempting- how did it work out?

How hard would it be to gain tenancy in the UK with a few years Irish practise under my belt?

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What do you think of any barristers you come across?