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Pictures of me and George, with I.D.

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I think what the media has done is spin it for more views (obviously). I've posted about George mentoring and sticking up for black people, specifically a teenager and a homeless black man, and he's been a victim of racism before. He most definitely isn't racist. As for the national scale, I believe when everyone stops bringing race into everything we can have equality. Why didn't the guy shot in the back and killed in Atlanta get on national television? Because he was killed by another black person. A very candid statement, but true nonetheless. A black man shot a man who tried to rob multiple people while the robber was RUNNING AWAY, and he was not arrested. It was deemed self defense on the scene. Why this case got blown up was obviously because the media needs a boogeyman, even though much worse and sinister things happen every day between black people themselves. If I'm being honest, I think the black community should get together and talk about what's going on between themselves, before getting upset over "racism". Every day black people kill each other, just like white people kill each other. We need to improve our own communities before racism is conquered, and that includes all races.

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Tl;dr: No.

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I am ashamed of myself.

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Nobody was molested by George, that was such a twisted move someone played. As far as what hasn't been heard in the media...to be honest, there was A LOT at first, the way the media spun the whole thing. But now, just about everything is out. There are some things I knew about that wouldn't be mentioned in court, like the fact that George mentored a black kid twice a week for a year, and he was also one of the only people to stand up for a homeless black man who was beaten up by the police chiefs son. Basically, there was a lot of stuff to prove he wasn't racist, but the media didn't cover it and the court didn't care. I'll try to think of more things that aren't well known and comment back here if I do.

Edit: Just remembered, I do know that the first time Trayvon's dead heard the 911 tapes, he said that wasn't Trayvon's voice yelling for help, but then changed his mind and said it was.