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Thanks for the response!

Yeah from my own research it would seem that Unity edges out the competition quite a bit. I think I considered game maker primarily because simple stuff I am familiar with was made on that platform, and I heard it held in high regard. But Unity "does" make sense. Did hardware ever become an issue for you development wise?

I will look more into the 2d graphic tutorials, thank you so much!

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Hey SuperBounceGames, I am hoping I am catching you in time. Your AMA is coming at exactly the right moment for me. I am going to school for game development and whatnot, learning the basics so far (mainly just coding stuff, getting familiar with illustrator/photoshop, etc). I think a big thing for me is I want to start off simple, and create a point and click adventure/stealth game. I am planning on using simple art and the like, and I am basically going to be solo for a while.

I have a few questions, but please feel free to answer whatever you choose (you don't have to do all of them.)

1) in terms of learning a beginner friendly engine, would you recommend gamemaker or unity? Specifically, for genres such as metroidvanias, adventure, etc.

2) starting off, would it make more sense to learn vector art, or 3d? It would seem like pixel art has a high barrier of entry but I really don't know.

3) Since I am learning art for the first time, what are some tips you have for AI or Photoshop if you use those, or have familiarity with them.

4) honestly, how are you both doing with the covid stuff? Are ya'll staying safe and healthy?