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What movie do you think that it portrayed WWII authentically? And what movie you think it didn't?

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With your experience, what film do you think that portrayed the Vietnam war very well, and what film you think was a "joke"?

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I have 4 questions I wanna ask you as a contemporary witness (You can answer what you want, sweet girl):

1- How did you see the ordeal of Arbuckle, and how people around you deal with it?

2- How did you find working with black kids, and what did your parents say?

3- What kind of a man was Disney (if you heard about him from people who worked with him)

4- How did you deal with Hays code when it came?

Thank you in advance

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Why most Bollywood movies are long? Most of them are 2.5-3 hours long, an hour longer than most movies around the world.

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Do you think a North Korean spring will happen someday? and if you think so, how do you think it will start (from your experience with the people there)?

Thanks in advance