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Is it true that Fallon will not allow jokes that make him out to be the butt of the joke or that present him in a “dumb” light?

I recall hearing Anthony Jeselnik mention this in an interview.

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Thanks for the Firefly Funhouse stuff! Some of my favorite segments in recent years.

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Can you go into that any more? I’m a huge Jeselnik fan and would love any other tidbits you have about him.

He’s the only standup I’ve seen twice.

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I’ve never watched a single one of your streams (sorry!) but whenever I see you can’t help but think you look like a classical music version of Serj Tankian. Thoughts?

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You know, I knew of the Armenian genocide, but hadn’t even really put the idea of the genetic bottleneck together.

The facial hair does definitely seal the deal though.

Thank you for teaching me something and I hope you continue on rocking for the people!!