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How do I beat my $360 customized current edition online connected McGraw Hill textbook? They don't disclose access code prices until I'm in the class.

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Exoskeletons look promising. Someone has developed a walking suit for people with lower body paralysis link and the government is working on a combat exoskeleton (TALOS iirc). There's definitely hope.

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OU's custom version of this with an online code. The only other code I've used from this publisher came with an eBook, and they don't publish pricing. Book

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Any specific political issues? From what I've heard most of the power generation is far from people and the lines are down - if everyone got hooked up, nobody would have power until the generation was hooked up from the other side of the island.

Even in the best case infrastructure takes time.

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It doesn't help that checked bags cost a ton. Gate check is free if bins fill up, and the bag still flys with you.