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You know, I can't speak for the Pope. But for the past several weeks, I've been calling for an objective, transparent, lay-led investigation into the McCarrick scandal. I think we have to get to the truth for the sake of the victims.

I made two longer videos on the topic here:



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As always, pride.

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Not everything that is in the Bible is what the Bible teaches. Even in Paul's time, it was recognized that elements of the legal code no longer had binding force. This is a matter of a progressive or evolving revelation. It is most important to attend to the patterns, themes, and trajectories within the entire Bible and not to individual passages taken out of context.

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Well, any sort of divine revelation would have to pass through human minds, bodies, hands, and conversations. There is simply no way around this. And the same, actually, is true of any form of intellectual endeavor. Vatican II said that the Bible is the Word of God in the words of men.

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