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  1. Are you working on armor upgrades when the players lvl up? lvl 7 players looking like lvl 1 players.. just feel a bit off, and enemy player tracking would be easier, plus you have to admit it, you feel attached to your team when they grow up visually and become little star players :) . Bloodbowl 1 visual armor update system works great!
  2. what do you think about a toggleable key to show every ability icon on the field, just like this: http://postimg.org/image/49o16n095/full/ and same for quick and easy rolls read? like in this screenshot http://postimg.org/image/rj66zy5ep/full/ (thx to falesh for the screenshots)

  3. Will you make something about the player cards showing up where the action is instead the player you want to check? everytime you want to take a look to an enemy's player ability, the player card deselects and the camera focus where the action is. It's a bit annoying right now :)

  4. Why not give the player the option to pick 1 primary color, 2 secondary color, 3 detail color, and a pattern for team customization rather than presets? dawn of war is a great example of good player customization. Right now there are 3-4 presets that are almost always picked (i just read the answer where you say cyans will be use to buy new jerseys, that would work too with my suggestion, cool colors , secondary colors,, detail colors and new and cool patterns could be bought with cyans)

  5. Reconnect ?. PLEASE, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. And being able to save and load matches just in case you can't finish the match and your opponent agrees to keep playing another day

  6. Will you make something about 75% (maybe the % can be lower hahah) of the games ending before half time? maybe punishment for excessive disconnections?

  7. Stadiums: did you think about automatic stadium updates depending on your team value? right now spending money for stadium lvl upgrades is just not worth it ( a shame because visually lvl4 stadiums are AMAZING). About the Hooligans, only humans? any plan to change them into yout race specific team?

  8. E-sports : what do you think about BB2 getting into it?

About visuals in this game, they look GREAT! and you can feel BB2 will be BIG! keep the good work guys!

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great answer ;) thanks!!

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yeah! those 2 screenshots about abilities and dice rolls are GOLD