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BirdTaleSans2 karma

Wait, what the seriously honest sh"t is that? I mean, heeeeey, S. is a person! Did you ever think about it? Yes, noone care about dead ppl, like they will never ever come again, but... Why doing this trash? No-no-no, I don't mean plot, I mean "adult" things. Ha, why do adult men need such a game, I didn't mean to hate ya, but I mean why do you do this actual sh.... So, why not trying something that means? Nobody tries to make super interesting program for learning life things. I mean school app. Yeah, we already have a lot of that stuff, but is this enough? Does it matter? Changes anything? Try hard to make it healthy and pretty, so ppl would learn how to live. And when you will have an idea of project about learning stuff, make it. We all need a rest. Not bloody sins, yo, I know ppl like sins, but it's darkside of the world, darkmind of a man. I don't really like dirty things, ow, so... That was thoughts of a man who half-clear inside. Nah, I mean I do sins, but only with words and sometime drawings, but I am not about kill everything just for fun. Yeah, I actually did not try your game, man. So that was just givin' thoughts. You can ignore if you want, that's your life, on your side. I am doing that I wanna do. So I wanna go and see more stuff about any theme and etc. Goodbye, if you ask, hello.