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Do you work? Study? Have a hobby?

For me the main thing that helped was a routine in the form of a job and excercise plan, and eating more healthy. The gut microbes are no joke.

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Personal opinion on the war on drugs? Do you agree cannabis should remain illegal?

I would bet alot of police time goes toward drug crime? Mostly cannabis?

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op also fails to point out that once you enter into the army, they own you till you are 65 years of age. you can be called into "training" with 3 months notice. infact that law may have changed to 3 weeks recently.

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how was it the toughest? pkausi is the same for everyone

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you could have 100 people growing gelato strain and you would still get 100 different looking, smelling and tasting plants. Fenotypes determine so much.

Consistency is key. Thats difficult in areas where its illegal. Growning conditions, supplements used, time of the cycle, temperature.. its all vastly different between growers.

At the end of the day, the strain means nothing but fancy words. You can have very shitty brick weed looking White widow with like 10% THC due to lacking the correct skills to cultivate, harvest, and dry. A more experienced person could grow the most priim white widow you have ever seen, sitting at 22% thc etc..

Flavor is dictated by how well it was flushed. Flavor can also be changed by outside pollutants, same for smell. (For example my friends grow smells and tastes like his appartment, in a bad way) Smell and flavor can also change / disappear completely if dried incorrectly.