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Could you share a few more methods? This kinda stuff is really interesting.

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What was so surreal about Green River, UT?

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Why is this downvoted? Its a commonly held belief nowadays that America went into Vietnam because they were terrified of the "domino effect". I'm an American and I know my government better than to pretend we're not a war hungry, xenophobic nation. Its not the people's fault, its the government. The government that doesn't always serve the people's best interest.

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The issue with just dumping toilet water into a body of water isn't the feces, it's all the other weird stuff people flush. Lots of people like to dispose of expired meds and other nasties via the toilet, and then all those lovely drugs do funny things to the animals who swim in them.

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Care to offer your thoughts on this - I like to think that the CIA's old MKULTRA experiments were ultimately intended to be a chemical replacement for interrogators attempting the alice in wonderland interrogation technique.

From what I understand of the alice in wonderland technique, you basically just confuse the interrogatee until they spill the beans. Presumably, confusing someone intensely enough leads to anxiety attacks which leads to a desperation for normality to return.

High doses of psychedelics can lead to an interesting mental phenomena like thought loops. Sometimes it seems as though all your thoughts are more like a series reflexes reacting to stimuli. And then sometimes you can't help but reflexively have the same thoughts in response to the exact same stimuli... multiple times in a row, over and over. And the weirdest part is you can maintain an awareness of this as it happens. Anyways, this little quirk of the psychedelic mindset scares the shit out of people when it happens, and understandably so. My theory is that the CIA was hoping to figure out how to intentionally submerge interrogatees into thought loops and bad trips and make it so the weird thoughts scare secrets out of the desperately terrified interrogatee.