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Just wanted to say thank you for your reporting. I know many will question your story and your data collection and many would rather sweep this under the rug. However, I believe that young women who read your reporting will take measures to be safer when attending future events.

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My GF was harassed at a festival and didn't tell me till later cause she was afraid I would retaliate against the guy. I personally think these guys deserve the retaliation of brothers and SO's. My question though is

How much of a factor is the nature of Coachella? Excessive alcohol consumption and recreational drug use is rampant, which in addition to the atmosphere of hyper-sexuality, would make you believe that it only exasperates this issue. Is the percentage women assaulted at Coachella higher than the national average, or is it comparable? Also, were any men sexually assaulted? Where any men surveyed? I'm sure that men are also sexually harassed at Coachella, as I have witnessed my male friends getting harassed at such events. Even though the percentage of women dwarfs the percentage of men, I think it would be important to at least survey the men, and compare the percentage of men harassed at Coachella to the national average.